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Kevin Valentine Jr, candidate for At-Large Member of the DC City Council, is a native Washingtonian with a passion to let DC be great! Raised by a family of police officers, nurses, educators, and veterans, Kevin's politics are informed by a keen sense of service. Kevin grew up in Ward 7 where he and his family were no strangers to economic struggle and other common challenges of city life. After graduating from School Without Walls SHS, a DC public school, Kevin attended The Pennsylvania State University where he studied International Political Economy. Kevin's studies afforded him opportunities to live and conduct research abroad in cities in Argentina, Uruguay, Kenya and Uganda. 

After college, and working at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Kevin answered the call to serve his nation and his city by joining the DC Army National Guard. While working with the recruiting effort of the DC Army National Guard, Kevin found himself sought out as a leader and mentor in communities across the city. Kevin is known for his genuine care for people, positive attitude, and his unshakable calm in dealing with difficult issues. 

Kevin has travelled to cities in Argentina, Uruguay, Kenya and Uganda in order to conduct extensive research on socio-economic relations within a cityscape given differing levels of development. DC is currently experiencing increased rates of development and therefore socio-economic relations within the city are changing. Kevin looks to use his experience to rectify DC's growing socio-economic imbalance. 

Authentic leadership, discipline, effective communication, and informed decision making have been keys to a successful decorated military career. As an At-Large Member of City Council, Kevin will use these same core competencies to usher in a new era of relatable, progressive thinking, and accessible local representation.


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